Eagna Tech was founded in Ireland. The company has grown to a strength of over fifty highly trained and experienced engineers that are delivering excellence to clients in Ireland, UK and Luxembourg.

Eagna Tech has developed various solutions using Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Big Data and Cloud Technologies. We have clients in the Automotive, Construction, Compliance & Privacy, Fintech, Human Resources and Recruitment verticals.

Mission Statement

Eagna Tech is a technology company that provides bespoke software related services to its clients. Eagna Tech realizes the involvement of technology in everyday lives and operates on the principal of “Human is the Loop”. The rapid advancement of technology is well-established however, Eagna Tech keeps focused on maintaining the balance between high-tech and its practicality for human benefit.

Custom Solutions For Your Business

We’re an Irish company, passionate about creating outstanding software
solutions that create long-term value for your business.

Why Choose Us?

Team Augmentation

EagnaTech provides remote team augmentation services for companies looking to broaden their presence for increased availability and better holiday coverage. Resources range from Software, DevOps and QA Engineers to SCRUM Masters and Support Executives.

Delivery Focused

EagnaTech management has over two decades of experience within the software development industry. Our process are highly focused on delivery and our team employs state of the art methods to ensure quality is built into our software

Long-Term Collaboration

We want to become your strategic tech partner and help you reach your future business goals. Our team will go above and beyond to help you achieve your desired outcomes.